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Houston Street Art

Houston Street Art

Houston Street Art is a project that aims to capture the urban culture of street art, and it’s prevalence in the Greater Houston area

A tagging on Westhiemer

This on is located on West alabama on the wall of a Conveneint store. artist:Daniel Anguilu?

Other Fine Houston Websites

Free Press Houston
The Loop Scoop
Houston Press

Here's a short video of Daniel Anguilu and his work that is very prevelant throughout Houston

Some graffiti terms:

the act of scribing a name or initials in various public spaces for display

large pieces of street art that usually depict an image or stylized lettering

different types of art material that can be used in any given piece; spray paint, glue, marker
a large, more elaborate type piece that seems to be “burning” out of the landscape, these are similar to visuals. Burner pieces seen downtown tend to be legal, because of the time they require.
a practitioner of writing, a graffiti artist
to bomb or hit is to paint many surfaces in an area. Bombers often choose to paint “throw-ups” instead of complex pieces, as they can be executed more quickly.
usually larger image, takes less time to execute while still communicating the writer’s style, this helps their name recognition
Graffiti with text so stylized as to be difficult to read, often with interlocking, three-dimensional type.

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